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مقالات علمی و فنی
صفحه اینستاگرام ماهنامه

Welcome To MED & LAB Engineering Magazine

With the  circulation of 10,000 copies per month, the MED & LAB Engineering Monthly, the first on medical and lab equipment in Iran, is your sounding board in a big market.
MED & LAB Engineering Magazine provides latest fact & figures, developments and even new insights into major market events.
So, save your time and costs to gain accurate information and the right market segments. MED & LAB Engineering Magazine is a unique collection of articles and researches, an authoritative reference in a depth only the MED & LAB Engineering Magazine can deliver.

MED&LAB Eng Mag delivers to all Iranian Hospitals, Labs, Universities, Purchase Departments, Medical companies and etc. Also our advertisement rates show you that our prices are unbeatable.